Welcome to Cool Tools for School 2017-18

August 2017: Cool Tools is moving to this site for the 2017-18 workshop. We'll be getting underway in late October or November. We'll also be using Google Classroom for participants taking the workshop for continuing education credit. Interested in participating? If you're in New York State, contact your regional/BOCES School Library System administrator. Happy to have educators from other states participate as well. Contact me pollyalida at gmail.

July 2017: Cool Tools is over for the 2016/17 school year. What a great turnout we had! Thanks to everyone who participated and to the School Library System administrators who made the workshop possible by funding their participants.

  • 145 people participated this year
  • 106 people finished the workshop
  • 1430 Professional development hours were awarded.

And we're already thinking about next year! Hope to see you then! If your school system/region is interested in participating, let me know! (comment below or email pollyalida at gmail)


Google Classroom

Some changes this year: While the lessons will still be housed here, participants taking this workshop for Continuing Education credit hours will be turning in their assignments through Google Classroom.  That site will be restricted to participants being sponsored by their schools and library systems.

All the lesson content will remain publicly available on this site, so others can use the content freely.

Tracks 1 to 4 are gone and replaced with "Cool Tools 101" (Things 1-10) and "More Cool Tools".

Cool Tools 101 is designed for people who haven't participated in this, or a similar, program before. You'll pick 5 or 10 topics to complete. The place to start is with Thing 1: Blogging where you'll get your blog setup. You'll use the blog to write up your reflections through the workshop. You could pick topics just from the first 10 Things, but feel free to pick topics from the other tracks if they interest you more. There are also the  extra "DIY" and "Final Reflection" topics. Lots to choose from!

More Cool Tools:  These lessons used to be split up into Tracks 2, 3 and 4. But those labels have lost any meaning as we are continually reorganizing, adding, updating and deleting topics.  If you've participated before, scan all the lesson titles and pick out the topics that appeal to you. Don't forget the extra "DIY" and "Final Reflection" topics as well. Everyone is encouraged to do these.

Repeating a topic:  Since most of the lessons have lots of options and there are always new things to explore, feel free to repeat topics that are of particular interest. Just be sure to truly explore some new aspects or try new tools.

AND REMEMBER that your posts should reflect how the topics relate to your work as an educator. It's great to include fun, personal ideas too if you like, but don't forget the educational connections too.

Cool Tools 101

Extra topics for everyone. Each carries the same 2 PD hour credit.

More Cool Tools

AND THAT'S IT – Odd to end with #41, but that's how it worked out!

Final Completion Dates

Dates will be posted later in the school year. Each School Library System will set their own deadlines.

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