Welcome to Cool Tools for School 2018-19

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December 2018 Update

And we’re off! This year’s Cool Tools for School workshop has started! So far, we have around 100 participants from all over New York State. Looking forward to learning along with you all.

2018-2019 Learning Topics

Cool Tools 101 – for first time participants

If you’re a first time participant, please make sure you do the Thing 1: Getting Started lesson first. Beyond that, these first 10 topics might be of most interest to you, though you can also pick from any of the topics below. You choose, it’s your learning experience!

Before you start: READ THE FAQ PAGE!!!

(lessons will have live links after they’re updated – aiming to have them all done by late November)

More Cool Tools – for anyone

We don’t plan to update the following topics.

These topics are still relevant and very interesting. The content was updated for the 2017-18 workshop and is still be available if you want to explore any these topics. You could use these as the basis for the Thing 30: DIY – You Pick lesson

8 thoughts on “Welcome to Cool Tools for School 2018-19

    • Love to see more on BreakOut Edu, Green Screening, Claymation, robots and robotics, makerspace ideas…. and how they can work at the different levels….

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