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The Cool Tools workshops have come to an end. The 2018-19 school year was the last year the workshop was offered. The website content will remain relevant for some time, but won’t be fully updated after 2020.

It’s been an enormous pleasure working with so many dedicated, enthusiastic and innovative educators over the many years I’ve been coordinating this workshop. Close to 1,000 librarians, classroom teachers, administrators and more have participated over the years. Thousands more have benefited from the content shared here and by workshop participants taking ideas back to their schools.

Thank you for all you’ve taught me!  Never stop learning!

Workshop Topics

Cool Tools 101 – for first time participants

If you’re a first time participant, please make sure you do the Thing 1: Getting Started lesson first. Beyond that, these first 10 topics might be of most interest to you, though you can also pick from any of the topics below. You choose, it’s your learning experience!

Before you start: READ THE FAQ PAGE!

More Cool Tools – for anyone

Topics from earlier workshops

These topics are still relevant and very interesting. The content was updated for the 2017-18 workshop and is still be available if you want to explore any these topics. You could use these as the basis for the Thing 30: DIY – You Pick lesson

16 thoughts on “Welcome to Cool Tools for School

    • Love to see more on BreakOut Edu, Green Screening, Claymation, robots and robotics, makerspace ideas…. and how they can work at the different levels….

  1. Excited to be part of this PD! Hoping to learn more about “blogging” to use educationally and personally, can’t wait!

  2. Hello all, its taking me some time to get started the lessons are a little more involved than I thought they would be and I am use to everything being in one place or somewhere familiar but that’s not the case. Hopefully I can get things rolling before break is over.


  3. Hello Kolbe and I are working together again. We have done a few new things and now it’s time to get blogging!
    One new thing I’m working on is flip grid…

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