Approval for Professional Development Hours

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We’ve had some requests from school administrators to explain in more detail how this workshop is conducted. With so many online learning opportunities, administrators need to be sure that courses are indeed rigorous enough to award credit hours. We whole-heartedly support that. We encourage you to share this information with your administrators and would be happy to talk to anyone about the workshop.

Online, instructor led workshop

The Cool Tools for School workshop is an online workshop sponsored by regional School Library Systems and facilitated by a librarian with over 20 years of experience conducting in-person and online technology workshops for librarians and other educators.

The workshop provides participants with the opportunity to explore technology tools that can be used in K12 settings to support and enhance student learning, and improve productivity and class management.

Lessons are prepared and presented by the instructor.  Participants select up to 10 lessons that fit their own professional learning goals. Each lesson includes an introduction to the topic, examples of best practices for K12 educators, tools & resources to explore, and activities that participants will complete.

To receive credit for a lesson, participants must submit a written reflection explaining/showing the work they completed and explore their own learning experience.  Written assignments are reviewed and responded to by the instructor and SLS Coordinators.  Credit is not granted for insufficient work.

The workshop is self-paced only in that participants can choose when, over the course of the 7 month workshop, they will to work on their assignments.

Opportunities exist for participants to interact with each other through the blogs where written reflections are posted, through the group’s Facebook page, twitter and other online groups.

2 thoughts on “Approval for Professional Development Hours

  1. Hi Polly, I wondered if I am doing this correctly.  I haven’t had any feedback and after this last email, I am concerned I won’t receive credit.  I think I’ve logged my blog entries correctly and I see my blog listed on the Cool Tools site.  Please let me know if I am missing something. Thank you. Jessica

    • No worries Jessica, I just left some comments on your posts. They are waiting for you in your “approve comments” section of your blog. You’re doing a great job, no worries about credit. 🙂

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