Winter Break & Some Reminders

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winter scene
CC0 by flyupmike on Pixabay

We have about 60 people registered for Cool Tools already!  And more to come after the holiday break as latecomers and a couple more SLS systems join us. A great crowd!

More lessons coming soon. I’ll be adding more lessons over the holiday break, so watch the website and our Facebook page for updates.

And a couple of reminders:

1: Log your assignments : Don’t forget to enter your work on the assignment log sheet. It’s the only way we’ll know you have work ready for us to read and share.

2: Turn comments on : Make sure your blog is set to receive and show comments. When we read your work, we’ll leave comments for you. These links will help you manage your comments.

3: Join our GoodReads group :  Are you already a member of GoodReads? Join in the Cool Tools discussion board and introduce yourself! We can talk about books, tech, school, share tips, anything you want to discuss. If you’re not a GoodReads member, do join! 🙂

Have a great winter break, even though it doesn’t feel like winter!

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