How to finish Cool Tools in a flash!

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JourneyThe end of the Cool Tools workshop is sneaking up on us. (Check for your SLS deadline here.) And I’m still catching up on reading blog posts. So if you haven’t heard from me in a while, I promise I haven’t forgotten you. Some of you have already finished. Congrats!

But for those of you who might be feeling a bit behind schedule, don’t give up! Here are some ideas for how you can finish Cool Tools and make sure you get your PD hours. You’ve all started your blogs already, so that’s 1 Thing done. Yay! That leaves 4 lessons to go to get the minimum of 5 topics done.

Some ideas:

  • DIY:ย  No doubt there is something you’ve spent time pondering and exploring during the school year. Maybe a project that you worked on with a colleague? Or a special program you ran with your students? Tell us about that in a DIY post.
  • Curation Tools: Love Pinterest? Spend too much time there already? ๐Ÿ™‚ Then indulge yourself and put together a board of great ideas for a project your want to do next school year. Or set up a board of great resources to share with colleagues when school starts up.
  • School Library Web Presence: Were you planning to spiff up your website but didn’t get to it this year?? Explore the resources in this lesson and start planning for next year.
  • AppPalooza โ€“ What apps are you using all the time? Share your favorite apps with us. Check out the AASL Best Apps for Teaching & Learning 2015 and try out something new.
  • Online Learning & DIY PD โ€“ Do the โ€œdouble dip!โ€ Watch a webinar from, earn PD for watching and earn PD for completing Thing ??. Both the Tech Tools for the Classroom and Emerging Tech: Using Technology to Advance Your School Library Program communities have tons of great (free) webinars to choose from.
  • Productivity Tools โ€“ Is there a productivity/organizational that you already love, but would like to explore further? Dig into that tool and share your tips with us.
  • Final Reflection: Sum up what you’ve learned through this program and how you’ve put the knowledge to work!

Remember – this is YOUR professional development – do the work that is most important to you. Pick topics that really interest you and will help you out the most.

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