Final Log Form – You MUST Fill it out!

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Cool Tools deadlines are coming up quickly for some of your School Library Systems.

  • Check the list of deadlines for your region. If your SLS isn’t listed, please contact your SLS administrator for more info.

Final Log Form – Even though everyone has been pretty good about logging work throughout the workshop, please fill out this one last log form indicating which topics you expect to get credit for. Your SLS admins and I will be reviewing your blogs to make sure we assign the right PD credit.

p.s. – I’m still reading lots of posts and commenting. I’ll leave a note on each blog when I’m done with your posts. Will also make a list here of everyone who has finished. Be patient with me though! 🙂  Thanks!

6 thoughts on “Final Log Form – You MUST Fill it out!

  1. Hi Polly, I didn’t do the Final Reflection for my 10th blog post.  Should I complete it for an 11th blog post?  I wasn’t sure if it was required that Final Reflection be my last post.   Thanks! Jessica Duffy

  2. I believe that I completed everything including the final log form for 10 cool tool things. Please let me know if I still have any information to complete.

    Thank you,

    Janice Daitz Librarian School #25 ________________________________

  3. Hi Polly, I think I completed the final log – could you double check for me? Thanks!

    Christin Bell

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