Is it about the tech? About the learning? Or both?

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An interesting read to start off the next Cool Tools workshop

Actually, It Is About the Technology: Why “It’s not about the tech” is actually a potentially dangerous perspective  by  John Spencer

In the article, the author argues that the tech AND the learning are both important.   Of course, we shouldn’t be dazzled simply by “all the new shiny toys” and try to find a way to shoehorn something into our lessons, just because. But at the same time he warns not to fall into using “it’s not about the tech” as an excuse to dismiss learning about a new tool or platform.

Many tech tools make things possible that weren’t possible before, so in a way, yes, it is about the technology. Twitter lets me connect in ways I never could before, get help and share ideas in ways that weren’t possible. Students writing blog posts for a worldwide audience give them a totally different experience than writing just for their teachers. So yes, it is about what the tools allow you to do.

And this is why we offer the Cool Tools for School workshop. While you won’t find a place in your teaching and professional practice for all of the tools you consider during this workshop, you will gain awareness of a wide range of tools and have the opportunity to examine whether these tools can help you improve how you do things, whether it’s your teaching, professional development or productivity.

Things we hope you’ll gain from this workshop:

  • Confidence in exploring new tools: No longer be afraid to dig into a tool, “push all the buttons” and see if it might be useful.
  • Develop a larger PLN (Personal Learning Network): people near and far who can help you develop ideas, help troubleshoot issues and share expertise.
  • Stronger collaborations with classroom teachers through sharing ideas: Share what you’re learning with other teachers, hold some PD sessions for staff.
  • Enhance your leadership role by making more connections with students, staff, admin & parents. And take advantage of tools that will help you communicate how the library fits in with the school’s mission.


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