Un-Banned Books

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Both New York Public Library and Brooklyn Public Library are making banned books available to readers across the country. This is in reaction to the huge upswing in book banning initiatives across the US.

NYPL is opening up a small collection of popular banned books to anyone via the easy to use NYPL SimplyE app. The collection also includes access to some 300,000 out of copyright and open source titles. This is available through the end of May. Details on downloading the app are on the NYPL Books for All page.

Brooklyn has an even better deal for teens & young adults aged 13 – 21. A free e-library card for the next year. This is such a great deal! Included access to their complete audio and e-books collection. Plus access to their magazine, newspaper and research databases. Simply send an email to  BooksUnbanned@bklynlibrary.org or contact them via their teen-run Instagram account at @bklynfuture.

NOTE: New York State residents can obtain a free e-card at NYPL, Brooklyn and Queens Public Libraries.

More info about the any un-banned books Initiatives in this Time-Out article.


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