CDLC Adventures in Artificial Intelligence Challenge

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Logo for the CDLC Adventures in AI Challenge

The Capital District Library Council (Albany NY region) has put together a terrific and fun AI challenge. It includes 10 short activities using a variety of artificial intelligence tools. A great AI tasting menu!

The activities include: having AI write a letter, summarize an existing document, challenge your artificial intelligence prompt writing skills, create an image and more.

I did the 10 exercises over a couple of days. Each one could be accomplished in about 10 minutes, but I encourage you to explore the tools for a bit longer. ​

Check it out at Discover the Power of AI

CDLC members can receive 2 CE credits for completing the 10 activities.

I’ve started putting together a similar quick (free) program of 10 activities focused on topics for school library staff. Anyone interested? I’ll pop the links here in Cool Tools when it’s ready! (I can’t award CE credit, but maybe your regional school library system would agree to it.) 

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