Bonus Lesson! Make Connections

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image CC0 nxchrissy2 Pixabay
image CC0 nxchrissy2 Pixabay

I wish we had a great way for everyone in the workshop to get know other participants in person. But since we’re spread all over the state, that’s impractical.

Instead, let’s try something new this year and connect with others by commenting on blog posts. And not just a simple “wow” or “nice work”.  Comments don’t have to be miles long, just a couple of sentences…..

  • A thank you for information that was shared and a comment on how you might use the information.
  • A comment that expands on what the blogger has shared. Some additional ideas or resources.
  • Something personal that connects with the other person
  • and so on…

If you want to participate, you can write this up as one of your 5 or 10 lessons for the project. Call it Bonus Thing Connect!

How to do this?

  • Find your name on this list of blogs (pdf)
  • Note the three blogs after your name.
  • Comment on one post on each of those 3 blogs
  • Even if everyone doesn’t participate, maybe everyone will end up with at least one comment?  Sounds like a pyramid scheme doesn’t it!

Your Blog Post

  • Share what you learned from doing this.
  • And share links to the blog posts where you commented.

Don’t forget to log your blog post when you’re done! When you finish this lesson by fill out the log form. This lesson is at the end of the list and is called BONUS THING CONNECT!