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WSWHE Cool Tools Blog Posts

  • Thing 12: Final Reflections & What’s Next
    Cool Tools for School has been an enjoyable learning experience. I appreciate the flexibility of choosing topics of most interest or usefulness to our personal needs. Unlike the professional development offered at school, which rarely applies to me, I found many topics relevant to my needs in the library and useful ... read more
    Source: DanforthPublished on 2018-05-30
  • Thing 41: Power Up Your Browser
    I have been a Google Chrome user for quite some time, so the browser settings are familiar to me and are fully tweaked as much as I am allowed (some, such as the security and system settings are controlled by my district). I have and do clear my browser history and ... read more
    Source: DanforthPublished on 2018-05-29
  • Thing 47: Productivity Tools
    Thing 47 was an excellent lesson on which I spent quite a bit of time. I finally had to stop researching tools and move on to another Thing. As a 1 to 1 school using Chromebooks, Google apps, G Suite, and Microsoft products, we have much to choose from; so ... read more
    Source: DanforthPublished on 2018-05-24
  • Thing 11: DIY — Symbaloo
    The developers of OPALS, our circulation system, added three Symbaloos to some of our local librarys’ web pages. Symbaloo is a site where you can develop your own webmix. These seem appealing to students who prefer icon driven screens to reading to find what they want. While I loved the ... read more
    Source: DanforthPublished on 2018-05-22
  • Thing 9: Search Tools Ninja
    I have truly entered the world of Geekdom. I loved this lesson and I bombarded people’s inboxes with lots of great resources and information. This was exactly what a busy librarian needs. Yes, this information is available in journal articles, blogs, etc., but I really do not have much time ... read more
    Source: DanforthPublished on 2018-04-27
  • Thing 48: Mapping & Geography Tools
    Google hit a home run when they developed Maps and Earth. We are located in a rural area of upstate New York and many of our students do not travel outside the state, much less the world. They enjoy many of the features that Maps and Earth have to offer. ... read more
    Source: DanforthPublished on 2018-04-20
  • Thing 4: Digital Storytelling
    Motivation to browse through hundreds (thousands?) of digital photos on my computer was lacking, but once found and the task was accomplished, I found this activity enjoyable. I tried two different tools, Animoto and Powtoon, which some of my colleagues use. Both were relatively easy to use. The downside is ... read more
    Source: DanforthPublished on 2018-04-17