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WSWHE Cool Tools Blog Posts

  • Thing 18: Infographics
    This was the perfect topic to study at the end of the year, as I am looking toward a year-end report to give to share with stakeholders. In my previous district, my colleague and I usually did a PowerPoint presentation complete with pictures, examples of student work, and other points ... read more
    Source: SquierPublished on 2018-06-01
  • Thing 43: Google Drawings
    I've used Google Drawings in its most rudimentary form: inserting lines and shapes, very basic items into a document or a slide. I'm not very artistic myself, so I don't really do much drawing online or otherwise. However, I had NO IDEA that there were so many people who have ... read more
    Source: SquierPublished on 2018-06-01
  • Thing 34: Digital Portfolios for Students
    Olympics Website created by 7th gradersI have put much thought into digital portfolios the last few months. I taught Google Sites to my students for the first time this year using the new Google Sites interface; the classic Google Sites was too clunky to use with seventh graders. In a ... read more
    Source: SquierPublished on 2018-05-31
  • Thing 50: New AASL Standards
    I appreciate the inclusion of the new AASL standards in this year's CoolTools. I have attended a few breakout sessions on the standards at AASL in Phoenix, where they were unveiled, and also at the recent NYLA-SSL Conference in early May. While these sessions have been informative, they haven't been ... read more
    Source: SquierPublished on 2018-05-29
  • Thing 14: eBook Creation
    When I was in library school, circa 2009/2010, I evaluated Storybird in my technology in education class. It was a great tool, but somewhat limited in that you have to use the artwork that is available on the website. When I got my first library job in a secondary setting, ... read more
    Source: SquierPublished on 2018-05-28
  • Thing 36 – Web Presence
    For this assignment, I decided to focus on my library's web presence, which is in need of an overhaul. My previous district subscribed to eBoards; although I didn't think I would like this platform, it actually ended up working very well for my library there. This is my second year in ... read more
    Source: SquierPublished on 2018-04-22