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WSWHE Cool Tools Blog Posts

  • Thing 43: Google Drawing
    First, I just have to say that I truly enjoy the information posted in each “Thing”, but it is the actual ability to apply the information in the activities that leave a lasting effect.  Polly, the information you post is always supported by a wide range of evidence.   I “click” on ... read more
    Source: MartinPublished on 2018-04-22
  • Thing 48: Mapping & Geography Tools
    History has always been a passion of mine, but I had difficulty remembering dates and locations. I have come to realize over the years that the cause of my issue was due to the lack of visualization.  I needed to see a photograph or outline of the location in order to make connections.  I ... read more
    Source: MartinPublished on 2018-03-15
  • Thing #16 – Bitmoji Fun
    ​I came to this topic a bit circuitously.  Our district recently rolled out a new teacher website platform and I plan to use it for my Curation Tools activity.  As with most platforms, this site offers a spot for a picture, avatar, etc.  It was ... read more
    Source: PennachioPublished on 2018-03-07
  • Thing 38: MakerSpace
    I knew that establishing a MakerSpace section in the library would have many benefits.  I am a firm believer that children need to fail in order to learn from their mistakes and build upon those failures.  It is such an important part of the learning process and the most difficult to ... read more
    Source: MartinPublished on 2018-02-25
  • Thing 12: Final Reflection
    Although I will be exploring more of these workshop topics in the near future, I wanted to be sure to get in my Final Reflection post before the March deadline! I had a difficult time getting started in the beginning because we were in the process of moving from one ... read more
    Source: FinckPublished on 2018-02-19
  • Thing 19: Coding
    I have just begun using a centers approach in my library with my 2nd-3rd grade students. Since I was recently lucky enough to receive a set of six iPads to use in my library, I began by introducing coding with my Lightbulb Library small groups using the website I ... read more
    Source: FinckPublished on 2018-02-19
  • Thing 28: App-palooza!
    I have taken an app workshop/webinar every year for the last 5+ years, but it is never the same because there are TONS of new apps released every day! How can we possibly keep up?! I picked this particular “Thing” to explore because, as teachers, we have to keep up ... read more
    Source: FinckPublished on 2018-02-19
  • Thing 43: Google Drawings
    I have never used Google Drawings before, so this was fun! Always fantastic getting to explore new tools and discover how I might be able to use them in my position. I watched the tutorials and found them super helpful. Where most of the basic menu features are pretty straightforward ... read more
    Source: FinckPublished on 2018-02-19
  • Thing #35 – Supporting English Language Learners
    ​The ELL population in my building has more than quadrupled in the past five years.  Students come from all over, Mexico to China, Haiti to Bangladesh.  Many of the suggestions listed in the article 10 Ways to Support ELL in your School Library by Jacqueline Jules we already utilize in ... read more
    Source: PennachioPublished on 2018-02-18
  • Thing 33: Flash Cards, Quiz Games and more!
    I truly enjoyed playing with both the flash card and quiz game sites!  Out of all the flash card sites I enjoyed Study Stack the best.  I liked the fact that you can mark a card with “know” and “don’t know”.  The timer was a great feature allowing a user ... read more
    Source: MartinPublished on 2018-02-08