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WSWHE Cool Tools Blog Posts

  • Thing 12: Final Reflections
    Final did it go...what did I learn...  Well, this whole endeavor was quite the challenge for me as I am not very computer savvy, or so I thought.  I surprised myself at how much I already knew and how easy some of the things were to complete.  However, with ... read more
    Source: DiazPublished on 2018-06-21
  • Thing 12: Final reflections
    This year has been quite a learning curve for me, but I've enjoyed the journey. I went from a K-12 librarian in a small, rural school to a role at my local BOCES where I wear multiple hats as a shared part of School Library Systems and Model Schools. Though ... read more
    Source: HowanskyPublished on 2018-06-19
  • Thing 44: Social reading and book stuff
    I love to read, but historically, I've been a bad social reader. I'm trying to be better about that. I'm great as a social reader in person; after all, I was a K-12 librarian for over 8 years, and even in my new role away from a traditional library, I'm ... read more
    Source: HowanskyPublished on 2018-06-19
  • Thing 26: Notetaking Tools
    My administrator and I have been struggling with finding a good, shareable, notetaking tool all year. Ideally, we'd like a tool where we can share our notes with each other. I like things simple, whereas she likes to be able to use more detail and drill down into nitty gritty. ... read more
    Source: HowanskyPublished on 2018-06-19
  • Thing 3: Twitter and other online communities
    It's funny. I tend to be pretty good about embracing technology (after all, one of the hats I wear in my current position at BOCES is Model Schools, which means I have to embrace technology and then turn around and teach it to others), but online communities are one area ... read more
    Source: HowanskyPublished on 2018-06-18
  • Thing 7: Audio tools
    In a previous post I mentioned Flipgrid. I love Flipgrid! Actually, there are two tools I've been plugging lately with teachers and their students. One is Flipgrid, and two others are Seesaw and Screencastify. I've used Seesaw off and on for a couple of years, and recorded myself on tools ... read more
    Source: HowanskyPublished on 2018-06-18
  • Thing 6: Curation Tools
    Or, how I finally had an a-ha moment and am finally embracing a bookmarking system, namely Symbaloo...Okay. So I've dabbled with curation tools on and off for years (which is why I still get emails for Diigo in Education, even though I haven't touched Diigo in years), but I've generally ... read more
    Source: HowanskyPublished on 2018-06-18
  • Thing 36: Web PresenceOur elementary librarian, Jen, created a website using Google Sites earlier this year, and I've been interested in trying it too. As I began looking at the resources for Thing 36, I found Scotia-Glenville's Google Site and thought it was great. I sent an email to Debbie ... read more
    Source: WickPublished on 2018-06-18
  • Thing 32: Annual Report
    In our library we go at our annual reports from a joint effort.  Sort of.  I collect certain data for the librarians and my coworker collects certain data and then the librarians digest and annotate the information into the report.  We collect stats on Interlibrary loans, circulation within our own ... read more
    Source: DiazPublished on 2018-06-15
  • Final Reflection
    Time to reflect on another year of Cool Tools for Schools. My initial goal for this year was to go for breadth rather than depth up in order to provide a collection of resources for my teachers. I did that for a few of the “things” but then I got ... read more
    Source: NemethPublished on 2018-06-15