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  • Thing 4: Twitter, Facebook & Personal Learning Networks
    In exploring this topic I realized I am somewhere between Option 2 and Option 3. Because I've had a Twitter page for education for several years now I decided to start with Option 3. However, I rarely use my Twitter page. I explored the but found it to be ... read more
    Source: KemmererPublished on 2019-01-20
  • Thing 6
    This is one of my favorite group of tools for students. I like it so much because it gives students so many opportunities to show who they are and how they think. Often times they come up with ideas I never would have thought of. I have used several of ... read more
    Source: WilkesPublished on 2019-01-20
  • Thing 30: DIY – You Pick
     For this "Thing" I decided to look at Amazon Inspire which is according to their website:"Your destination for K-12 educational resources" and "Amazon Inspire is an open collaboration service that helps teachers to easily discover, gather, and share quality educational content with their community." It had some interesting links when I ... read more
    Source: Dee DaitzPublished on 2019-01-20
  • Thing 5
    Sometimes new tools can help engage the students in their own learning, which is a good reason to include them. It also exposes them to the types of tools they can use in the work world and gives them an opportunity to explore their creative side. I have used Blabberize ... read more
    Source: WilkesPublished on 2019-01-20
  • Thing 2: Student Blogging and Writing
    I enjoyed learning more about blogging in my classroom. I don't know how I have gone this long without ever considering incorporating it into my lessons! One of the greatest weaknesses in our district is writing. I think blogging is an excellent way to get students excited about writing. Writing ... read more
    Source: MullPublished on 2019-01-19
  • Thing 26: Media Skills
    I love this kind of stuff! I truly think that the creative use of media can be one of the most effective ways to market your library program and the wonderful things that happen in and out of your library space. When I first started reading through the introduction of ... read more
    Source: CrossmanPublished on 2019-01-15
  • Thing 3 : Photo Fun
    I explored a few different services for this session. I started by joining Snapchat. I think this is a very funny program that students would get a kick out of! One way you could use Snapchat with students is by posing a question that they could respond orally to. They ... read more
    Source: KemmererPublished on 2019-01-14
  • Thing 4: Twitter, Facebook, and Personal Learning Networks
    Twitter, Facebook, PLNs OH MY! It is hard to know what to have an account for, who to follow, when to post, how to hashtag, often leads to people looking like this                                    ... read more
    Source: BishopPublished on 2019-01-13
  • Thing 2: Student Blogging and Writing
    Blogging......when I think about that word, I always pictured a long, boring rant that somebody was having about a topic I didn't really care to read......that was until I read some blogs on technology tools and how students could blog to show their work!              ... read more
    Source: BishopPublished on 2019-01-13
  • Thing 22 Teaching and Learning with Primary Sources
    I think primary sources are so interesting because the person was there when they wrote/photographed/or made the primary source. Oftentimes primary documents were not made to convey information like news media but were photographs of people and their lives, their diaries, etc. In other words, things that were not made ... read more
    Source: GarigenPublished on 2019-01-13
  • Thing 4
    I have a lot if social media accounts for personal use. I use them to connect with family and friends. They are convenient, versatile and fun. Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Linked in, I have them all. I have had a library Twitter (@deslib) for a few years, but honestly have only ... read more
    Source: WilkesPublished on 2019-01-13
  • Thing 3
    Many times you think to yourself “I really need to check out that online tool, it sounds awesome”, or ” I could really use that tool for personal and professional practices”, etc. But then life gets in the way and you just never get around to doing it. For this ... read more
    Source: WilkesPublished on 2019-01-13
  • Thing 4: Twitter
    Once again, I am completing another Twitter lesson as this social network is my main professional social profile. As I use it often, it's always helpful to reflect on my past, current and future practices of Twitter in a professional setting. For this lesson, I read "7 Key Ingredients of ... read more
    Source: EarlPublished on 2019-01-13
  • Thing 2: Student Blogging & Writing
    During this lesson I explored a variety of articles and videos on the topic of student blogging. I also explored the kids blog options and looked at some examples of second grade student blogs. I do see the value of using blogging with my students. Some of the big takeaways ... read more
    Source: KemmererPublished on 2019-01-12
  • Thing 1: Getting Started
    Hello! My name is Aerin Kemmerer and I am a second grade special education teacher at McNamara Elementary School in the Baldwinsville Central School District. I am taking part in this course to learn more about technology and programs that I can use with my students in the classroom. ... read more
    Source: KemmererPublished on 2019-01-12