Thing 12: Final Reflections & What’s Next?

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Everyone is encouraged to submit a final reflection post.  Please share your thoughts on what you’ve learned, how you’ll put what you’ve learned into action and how the program worked out for you.

These ideas are just guidelines for your reflection, you don’t need to answer every question, though you can if you like! (Your final reflection does count towards our professional development hours, just as any other topics do.)

1: What did you learn?

  • How did you put what you learned into action at school? Personally?
  • Did you expand your Personal Learning Network? Make new professional connections?
  • What challenges did you face during the workshop?
  • Any big “fails”? Any huge successes? What did you learn from failing and succeeding?
  • Were there projects that didn’t work out well for you?
  • Other thoughts?

2: What’s next?

  • Did you start some projects that you’ll be following up on in the future?
  • Are you planning to share what you’ve learned with others?
  • What other professional development projects will you be pursuing?
  • Other thoughts?

3: Did you like learning this way?

  • For some of you, this might have been your first experience with this kind of independent, self-driven learning. Did this work for you?
  • What did you most value about the program? What didn’t work well?
  • Would you do it again?
  • Other thoughts?


  • Write & publish your blog post.
  • Copy the URL (webpage address) for your post.
  • Return to the Google Classroom assignment page, find the assignment page for the lesson you just completed and follow the directions for turning in and sharing your work.

*Only for students participating in the workshop for PD credit hours through the Google Classroom.

Thank you for participating!

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