Thing 24: Google Drawings

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google drawings


Google Drawings is such a fun and useful tool, it deserves it’s very own lesson. It’s an oft overlooked tool within the Google Drive suite of tools. This easy to use tool will help you & your students create posters, graphic organizers, infographics, blog post graphics, NASA planet posters, sticky notes and so much more.

If you’ve used any of the drawing tools in Google Slides (insert line, shapes, text boxes, etc.), you’ve already touched on some of the Google Drawing features. Google Drawings takes it up a notch with more graphics features. Anything you create in Drawings can be used in other Google apps and many other places as well.

Tony Vincent created a handy image comparing the Drawings and Slides.

venn diagram of google slides versus google drawings
Comparison of Slides & Drawings by Tony Vincent


Start with these examples of educational uses of Google Drawings to get an idea of what is possible.


A short video by Jocelynn Buckentin covering some of the basics.





  • Try out Google Drawings
  • Play with the editing options – don’t worry about creating a masterpiece!
  • Try one of the project ideas above, modify a template created by someone else. or something else you want to test out.
  • Download and save the image to embed in your blog post.


  • Embed your graphic.
  • How did you like using Google Drawings? Do you have other favorite tools?
  • Discuss how you might use Google Drawings in school.


  • Write & publish your blog post.
  • Copy the URL (webpage address) for your post.
  • Return to your Google Classroom, find the assignment page for the lesson you just completed and follow the directions for turning in and sharing your work.

*Only for students participating in the workshop for PD credit hours through the Google Classroom.

4 thoughts on “Thing 24: Google Drawings

  1. […] This is just a super, awesome resource that I’d like to remember for future use, so I’m linking it here.  I had so much fun with AutoDraw.  As a person who claims that even her stick figure drawings look bad, this was confirmed when AutoDraw had no idea what I was intending to draw on my third image!  (Though it did get my first image correct!)  I cannot wait to share what I have learned in this lesson on Google Drawings with my teachers and students.  I have so many new ideas of how I will use this in place of how I have been using Google Slides.  I will definitely be going back to this lesson in the future! […]

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