Some recent AI resources for school librarians and other educators

Robot hand touching a human hand.

I won’t attempt to list a zillion specific resources about AI, but simply point to some recent school library related AI sources that might help you find your way into this massive, and massively important, topic.

  • The AI School Librarian is a new Facebook group started by Elissa Malespina. A great place for educators to talk about artificial intelligence, and share ideas and resources. Do join!
  • Elissa also has a Substack newsletter: The AI School Librarian Newsletter. I particularly loved the resources listed in the post Is It AI? Try them out and see if you can recognize AI created content.
  • Vicki Davis, the Cool Cat Teacher, interviewed a student about his AI project on a recent episode of her 10 Minute Teacher podcast: The Human Side of AI: A Student’s ChatGPT Experience. For his senior capstone project, the student ran several of their computer class assignments through ChatGPT to compare how well it completed the projects vs student work. Interesting results and a great take on the student perspective!
  • Phil Bradley, a well respected library-world speaker in the UK, is doing a webinar on AI for school librarians on August 25. In School Librarians and AI participants will gain “a good overview of how AI can be used in school libraries, how it’s evolving and lists of tools that can be used to supplement and assist you in your workplace activities. It’s a perfect short cut to get you on top of AI quickly and effectively. The session will be recorded, and you will have access to it for 3 months.” (£35 fee) And even though most of my readers know I’ve retired, I couldn’t resist signing up for this. I know Phil, he’ll provide a ton of information, insights, and great resources.

About 6 months ago, I pondered adding a new Cool Tools lesson on AI, but quickly became overwhelmed with material to review. And I remembered that I was retired and returned to travel planning instead! Though I think I may return to posting resources here on occasion. Wishing you all well in the new school year ahead.

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